Commissions and Charges for corporate clients

Account opening 200 EUR
Account closure 100 EUR
Minimum average account balance (accounts with balances below minimum will be closed) 5.000 EUR
Account maintenance 480 EUR p.a., charged monthly
Account monitoring fee (applicable only to High Risk clients) 4.200 EUR p. a., charged monthly (if average monthly balance1 is above 2 m EUR including securities, 50% discount is applicable to non-financial companies)
Periodical statements
(as per General Terms and Conditions for account opening)
Inward SWIFT/SEPA transfers Free
Outward SWIFT transfer
Charge option SHARED
0,15% (min. 25 EUR, max. 300 EUR)
Additional fee for outward SWIFT transfers with charge option OUR 10 EUR (up to 10.000 EUR)
35 EUR (from 10.000 to 50.000 EUR)
60 EUR (over 50.000 EUR)
Outward SEPA transfers
(up to 50.000 EUR)2
Value date - T+1 (provided that payment is received by the Bank before official cut-off time).
Charge option - only SHARED
5 EUR per transfer
Creation or amendment of a standing order3 6 EUR
Internal transfers through RCB Online Banking Free
Manual processing of internal transfers (to other clients of the Bank) received on paper/fax 8 EUR
Payments/Transfers through RCB Mobile Banking

Single transaction limit
Daily transaction limit
Transfer between own accounts
Transfer to RCB beneficiaries
3.000 EUR
10.000 EUR
Transfer via payment templates (SEPA)
3.000 EUR
10.000 EUR
Transfer via payment templates (Outward)
3.000 EUR
10.000 EUR
Transfer via payment templates (Outward RUB)
3.000 EUR
10.000 EUR
Communication charges
Additional statements or SWIFTs
(by fax or e-mail)
Processing of payment orders received in original or by fax 20 EUR
Investigations (inward and outward)
up to 30 days old
50 EUR (incl. SWIFT 12,5 EUR)
Investigations (inward and outward) over 30 days old 120 EUR (incl. SWIFT 12,5 EUR)
Courier abroad 60 EUR
Postages in Luxembourg 10 EUR
Cards fees and parameters

Credit card Debit card
Main card annual fee 50 EUR 50 EUR
Supplementary card annual fee 50 EUR 50 EUR
Card re-issue/replacement 50 EUR 50 EUR
Card and PIN mailing to client’s address 70 EUR 70 EUR
Annual interest rate 10% Not applicable
Annual interest rate on credit card during the grace period (up to 50 days)4 0% Not applicable
Monthly interest on credit not repaid on time 2% Not applicable
Commission for exceeding the established card’s credit limit 2% on excess amount Not applicable
Commission for cash withdrawals from the ATMs of the Bank Free Free
Commission for withdrawals from the ATMs and cash points of other banks 3% (min. 3 EUR) 3% (min. 3 EUR)
Foreign exchange commission (for non-Euro transactions) 2,5% on transaction amount 2,5% on transaction amount
SMS-Notice Free Free
Daily transaction limit (set by default and may be changed upon client's request) 20.000 EUR 20.000 EUR
Daily limit for card not present transactions (internet purchases and other card not present transactions) - set by default and may be changed upon client's request 10.000 EUR 10.000 EUR
Monthly limit for card not present transactions (internet purchases and other card not present transactions) for cards with no SMS-Notice service activation - set by default and may be decreased upon client’s request 200 EUR 200 EUR
Daily cash withdrawal limit
(set by default and may be changed upon client's request)
1.000 EUR 1.000 EUR
Daily cash withdrawal limit from the ATMs of the Bank 1.000 EUR 1.000 EUR
Other services
Blocking certificate 200 EUR
Account reservation 100 EUR
Corporate file update/Account renewal upon client's request 50 EUR
Reply on auditors request 80 EUR
Bank Reference Letter 100 EUR
Hold mail 400 EUR
(100 EUR charged quarterly)
RCB Online Banking Free
First and second issued OTP token Free (2 tokens per client)
Additional/replacement of OTP token 25 EUR third and each consecutive
Display card token fee5 50 EUR
Test key codes 100 EUR
(charged annually)
Brokerage services
Less than 10m USD6 0,125%
(min. 150 USD)6
More than 10m USD6 0,0625%
Less than 100.000 USD6 0,25%
(min. 200 USD)6
100.000 — 999.999 USD6 0,20%
1m — 10m USD6 0,15%
More than 10m USD6 Determined individually
REPO for bonds and equities
For period less than 45 days 0,25% p.a.
For periods 45-180 days 0,50% p.a.
Custodian services
Maintenance of custody account (portfolio)
Safe-keeping charge
(charged quarterly)7
0,15% p.a. (min. 100 EUR per year)
Monthly maintenance of segregated account for a client with sub-custodian (Euroclear, Clearstream, VTB), per sub-custodian account Monthly maintenance is paid based on individual invoices
Custodian transfers
Transfer of securities DVP or FOP to/from external custody 50 EUR
Change or cancellation order in external custody 15 EUR
Corporate actions (CA), taxation
Forwarding notifications of CA obtained from sub-custodians/issuers to a client Free
Client initiated requests for information on CA to a sub-custodian 50 EUR per request
CA initiated by the issuer e.g. additional issue/exchange of securities, repurchase after liquidation, liquidation etc. Free
CA/disclosures to the issuer, at the client’s discretion for request: capital increase, IPO, exchange offer, conversion, exercise of warrants, optional dividend, reinvestment funds and other 50 EUR per instruction
CA at the client's discretion for voting instructions 50 EUR per voting instruction
Certification of client’s holdings for relevant markets through
50 EUR per certification
Assistance in obtaining tax relief under a Double Taxation Treaty directly from an issuer Charged individually per client’s request on a case by case basis, min. 50 EUR, max. 250 EUR
Other custodian services8
Manual processing of custodian instructions received on paper/fax 20 EUR
Transfer of income to a client’s account to third banks Charged as per tariff for Payments/Transfers
Obtaining statement from external custodian upon request 50 EUR per statement
Additional portfolio statement (any statement requested by client in addition to monthly portfolio statement) 5 EUR per additional statement

Where a fee or charge is levied in a currency other than the currency of the account, the above commissions and charges are converted into the relevant currency equivalent at the Bank’s exchange rate.

1The average monthly balance is calculated as the sum of daily credit balances (at the beginning of each day) in all client’s accounts with the Bank during the month divided by the number of calendar days in the respective month.
2SEPA area: EU countries, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and Monaco.
3All transfers executed as per a standing order will be charged according to Commissions and Charges of RCB Bank Ltd, Luxembourg Branch.
4Grace period does not apply to cash withdrawal transactions.
5Free for clients with a fixed term deposit for the amount over 1m USD or equivalent in applicable currency.
6Or equivalent in applicable currency.
7Charge is accrued on market value of client’s holding. In case market value is not available, the nominal is used for bonds, for shares a default price of 2 EUR per share is applied. Standard safekeeping tariff is applicable for international securities, US, GB, IE, RU. Safekeeping of securities in other local markets may involve additional costs.
8The third parties charges (Global Depositary Receipt (GDR) agency fees, notary, postage etc.) are to be reimbursed by the client at cost.