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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 84.9143 89.6207
EUR CHF 1.0524 1.0994
EUR USD 1.1566 1.1966
EUR GBP 0.8408 0.8655

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 86.7444 87.9243
EUR CHF 1.0789 1.0907
EUR USD 1.1749 1.1849
EUR GBP 0.8530 0.8592

    About RCB in Luxembourg

    RCB Bank Ltd operates a branch in Luxembourg since March 2014.

    Located at the heart of Europe, RCB Branch in Luxembourg provides its clients with access to the European market. Luxembourg is a leading financial centre in the EU and the world. RCB in Luxembourg offers services to both corporate and individual clients including convenient transaction banking and settlement services, foreign exchange, a wide range of saving solutions and excellent remote banking capabilities. Its dedicated team of highly experienced professionals helps clients to find the right financial solutions based on their individual goals and needs.

    RCB Branch in Luxembourg is a part of RCB Bank Ltd, a European financial institution with over 20 years of history. Besides Luxembourg, the Bank has branches throughout Cyprus and Representative Offices in London and Moscow. RCB operates a universal banking model and serves clients from around 50 countries.