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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 84.9143 89.6207
EUR CHF 1.0524 1.0994
EUR USD 1.1566 1.1966
EUR GBP 0.8408 0.8655

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 86.5900 87.7726
EUR CHF 1.0752 1.0870
EUR USD 1.1776 1.1876
EUR GBP 0.8484 0.8545

Account opening for corporate clients

Opening an account for corporate clients can take several business days from the moment the full set of required documents is submitted and AML procedures are completed in accordance with the Bank’s requirements.

RCB Bank Ltd, Luxembourg Branch, strictly complies with the anti-money laundering legislation. In accordance with the legal requirement “Know Your Client” (KYC), the Bank must:

  • Understand the main areas of the company’s business, know the actual and registered address of its office, the number of its employees, etc.;
  • Obtain information about the sources of its funds, the account’s annual turnover, types of transactions envisaged, countries involved in the transactions, etc.;
  • Identify the beneficial owners of the business (individuals) as well as company directors and authorized account signatories.

Procedures for opening an account for corporate clients at the Bank involve:

  • A face-to-face meeting between a representative of the Bank and the company’s beneficial owner(s) prior to account opening;
  • Submission of corporate and KYC documents in accordance with the Bank’s requirements;
  • Filling in a set account application forms as provided by the Bank. The forms shall be signed in the presence of RCB employee. Notarial certification of signatures is also accepted;
  • Disclosure of information on the sources of funds in a format as required by the Bank.

For further information, please contact RCB Bank Ltd, Luxembourg Branch, directly or call
RCB Telephone Banking