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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 79.8986 84.5586
EUR CHF 1.0445 1.0911
EUR USD 1.1450 1.1850
EUR GBP 0.8337 0.8583

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 81.3155 82.4780
EUR CHF 1.0586 1.0702
EUR USD 1.1575 1.1675
EUR GBP 0.8414 0.8476

Travel insurance

RCB corporate cards come with a range of free useful travel insurance benefits to protect you and your business from unforeseen events.

Holders of supplementary cards have the same benefits as the holders of the main RCB corporate cards.

What is covered by foreign travel insurance?
  • Travel departure delays or cancellation
  • Missed connection
  • Damaged, lost or delayed luggage
  • Damaged or lost personal belongings, documents
  • Personal accident or trip cancellation due to serious illness
  • Medical and hospital expenses
  • Legal expenses
How it works?
  • As a holder of RCB corporate card you receive automatic access to the benefits detailed in the Schedule of Compensation, subject to the relevant terms, conditions and exclusions specified by Altius Insurance Limited.
  • Cover is available for overseas journeys of up to 90 days beginning and ending in the cardholder’s country of domicile if travel tickets were paid by the cardholder's eligible card.
How to claim?
  • For urgent medical or hospital assistance abroad, call insurance service provider at + 357 25334000 as soon as practically possible.
  • To make a travel insurance claim, please fill in the Claim form and send it to travelinsurance@bicm.eu. For more information regarding claims, please call insurance service provider at +357 25371400.
  • Your travel insurance claim may require different supporting documentation (e.g. medical reports, invoices, purchase receipts, and/or police reports).
  • Make sure you’re fully aware of your responsibilities as outlined in the Travel Insurance Policy. For further assistance, please call insurance service provider at +357 25371400.