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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 79.8986 84.5586
EUR CHF 1.0445 1.0911
EUR USD 1.1450 1.1850
EUR GBP 0.8337 0.8583

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 81.3155 82.4780
EUR CHF 1.0586 1.0702
EUR USD 1.1575 1.1675
EUR GBP 0.8414 0.8476

Credit cards

RCB Mastercard credit cards give you an opportunity to make purchases and withdraw cash around the world, using not only your own funds, but also the funds available from credit limit granted by the Bank for interest-free (grace) period. Credit cards are issued in EUR and credit limit is granted to clients using a deposit held at the Bank as a security. You can apply for RCB Mastercard credit card by contacting your account manager, or by contacting RCB Bank Ltd, Luxembourg Branch.

Key advantages
  • Competitive commissions and charges;
  • A grace period of up to 50 days allows you to make use of credit without paying interest;
  • A low and competitive interest rate once the grace period is over allows you to reduce your expenditure;
  • Setting a credit limit against the security of a deposit with the Bank means you can make use of additional funds without losing interest on a deposit;
  • The minimum monthly payment is 8% of the used credit limit, which means you can repay an amount due efficiently;
  • Flexibility to adjust daily limits on card transactions quickly in order to purchase big-ticket items;
  • Free travel insurance for the cardholder and family members;
  • Mobile payments at stores with an Android device;
  • Secure payments in the internet with Mastercard ID Check;
  • Opportunity to manage funds online with RCB Online Banking and RCB Mobile Banking.