Foreign exchange operations

RCB Bank Ltd, Luxembourg Branch, offers electronic spot foreign exchange operations involving various currencies, including US Dollars, Euros, Great Britain Pounds, Russian Rubles and Swiss Francs.

  • Foreign exchange operations submitted via RCB Online Banking for sums up to 30.000 US Dollars, or the equivalent of that amount in another currency, will be automatically converted using the Bank’s prevailing exchange rates (including Bank's spread), as published on the Bank’s website;
  • Foreign exchange operations for sums greater than 30.000 US Dollars, or the equivalent of that amount in another currency, will use the market exchange rate for that currency pair in force at the time of the exchange request plus the Bank's spread;
  • A client may request such foreign exchange operations by signing a foreign exchange request and submitting it at RCB Bank Ltd, Luxembourg Branch, by fax, or via
    RCB Online Banking
  • For foreign exchange operations involving large amounts, a client may submit a foreign exchange request and propose a target exchange rate. The foreign exchange operation will be executed once the market exchange rate indicated in the request is reached (taking into account the Bank’s spread).

Advantages of foreign exchange operations with RCB Bank Ltd, Luxembourg Branch
  • A low threshold for foreign exchange operations based on an exchange rate which is close to the market rate at the time of exchange;
  • A wide range of currencies are available;
  • Competitive charges/spreads for foreign exchange operations;
  • The opportunity to submit a foreign exchange order including the client’s target exchange rate;
  • The opportunity to establish individual foreign exchange spreads for large amounts on a case by case basis.